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What safety protocols has Via implemented?

At Via, we're more focused than ever on making your next ride as safe and worry-free as possible. Here are a few of the important safety measures we’ve put in place:

Capacity is key: There’s a 2-passenger limit in all vehicles.
Mask up: That goes for riders and drivers alike. Without a face covering, our drivers may refuse the pickup.
Squeaky clean: We’re making EPA-approved cleaning supplies available to drivers for frequent wipedowns of the entire interior, with extra focus on surfaces we all touch. We’re also helping install plastic partitions between drivers and riders.
Feeling good: Before you book, confirm you’re not exhibiting COVID-19 like symptoms with our in-app Wellness Check. Our drivers all do the same.

Do I have to wear a mask to take a Via?

Yes! Think of your mask as your favorite new accessory, the one you can’t leave the house without. Drivers can refuse the pickup if you don't have one.

Are shared rides available in my city?

You bet! Shared rides are back in action.

Rest assured our safety protocols aren’t going anywhere:

  • Riders and drivers must wear masks. Without a face covering, your driver may refuse the pickup.
  • The number of riders in each vehicle will be capped, as will the number of +1s you can bring along.
  • We ask drivers to frequently clean their vehicles with EPA-approved products, and many vehicles contain plastic partitions between drivers and riders.
  • Windows will be open whenever possible, which means maximum ventilation. 
  • Confirm you’re healthy with our in-app Wellness Check before hopping onboard. 

How can I report concerns about COVID-19 protocol in my ride?

We're listening. If you have pressing concerns during your ride, reach out to our support agents in the app using Live Chat. For more general questions or concerns, email us at support@ridewithvia.com or leave feedback after your ride. Our team is trained and ready to help.

How many people are allowed per vehicle?

For now, we're allowing up to 2 members of the same household to ride in one vehicle.

What's Via's policy regarding in-vehicle partitions?

While physical partitions in-vehicle are not mandated in D.C., we're helping install them wherever possible.

How is Via handling contact tracing?

A big part of safety during these times is knowing when you’ve been exposed so that you can responsibly help stop the spread. If a local health department contacts us regarding an individual who has tested positive, we will work to provide them with the appropriate information for the purpose of aiding contact tracing efforts and in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Are drivers required to wear masks?

Yep. Please let us know if your driver wasn't wearing one.

What is the policy regarding open windows?

Keeping the windows open isn't required but you're welcome to crank them down and add some extra airflow. Drivers know to do the same.


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