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What is the NRT OnDemand Pass?

The NRT OnDemand Pass is especially designed for our most loyal commuters and makes NRT OnDemand more affordable than ever. To purchase a pass, just open your app "Menu" and head to the section labeled "NRT OnDemand Pass."

This page will open and you will see the four different pass options available:


A closer look at these passes:

  • 10-Ride Local Pass: 10 free local rides. A local ride is defined by a trip that doesn’t cross a municipal boundary. If you decide to take a regional trip that crosses municipal boundaries with a 10-Ride Local Pass you will pay $3 for the price difference between local and regional trips. 
  • 10-Ride Regional Pass: 10 free rides to anywhere within the NRT OnDemand Service Zone. 
  • Monthly Local Pass: Free local rides for one month. A local ride is defined by a trip that doesn’t cross a municipal boundary. If you decide to take a regional trip that crosses municipal boundaries with a Monthly Local Pass you will pay $3 for the price difference between local and regional trips. 
  • Monthly Regional Pass: Ride for free for one month. You get unlimited rides anywhere you want within the NRT OnDemand service zone.

Some things to remember:

The NRT OnDemand Pass is activated when you take your first ride

Additional fees apply for +1s (additional passengers)

Cancellations and No Shows are charged at $1.5 each


**Terms & Conditions: The NRT OnDemand Pass is activated at the time you take your first ride, not at time of purchase, except when an election has been made to auto-renew a NRT OnDemand Pass, in which case activation of the new NRT OnDemand Pass will occur at the time of the expiration of the previously purchased pass. Each NRT OnDemand Pass expires at the end of the stated validity period, to the minute of the activation time. Each individually purchased pass is limited to a single user, account, and device (i.e., multiple people cannot share a single pass). NRT OnDemand Pass holders are prohibited from booking a ride on behalf of another person or party, and must be present in all bookings made with their NRT OnDemand Pass. NRT OnDemand reserves the right to deactivate any pass it determines to be used in violation of these terms, with immediate effect, and without refunds. An NRT OnDemand Pass holder may book rides for his or her +1's, though additional fees apply. The NRT OnDemand Pass cannot be combined with other offers or promotions. Charges for cancellations and no-show fees will apply. Available while supplies last. NRT OnDemand reserves the right to cancel this offer or modify its terms at any time. NRT OnDemand does not guarantee the availability of rides.

Reminder:  Your NRT OnDemand Pass will auto-renew by default. Once you've purchased a pass, you can adjust this by heading to "Menu" - "NRT OnDemand Pass" and clicking the small green arrow at the bottom of the screen that says “Auto renew is activated.” You can then turn auto-renew on or off for the NRT OnDemand Pass.

How do I book a ride?

Download the free NRT OnDemand app (available on iPhone and Android), sign up for NRT OnDemand, and book a ride!

STEP 1: Move the map until the green marker is at your desired pickup location, or enter your pickup  and press "Confirm my Location." You can also manually type your address in the search bar and select the correct one from the dropdown.


STEP 2: Confirm that you’re booking for the correct number of passengers. With NRT OnDemand, you can book up to 6 passengers in one ride booking. If you need to increase the passenger count, you can hit the + button to add an additional passenger or the - button to subtract.


STEP 3: Select the type of passengers that you want as your +1.


STEP 4: You can tap on the POI to confirm that this is the specific destination that you are heading to. 


STEP 5: Move the map until the gray marker is at your desired drop-off location and press "Set My Destination." You can also manually type your address in the search bar and select the correct one from the drop down, or choose one of the pre-populated points of interest. We will check for available vehicles and connect you with the best vehicle for your ride.


STEP 6: Review the ride offer in the proposal screen (you may receive several proposals with different ETAs). Select the one that works best for you and press "Book This Ride." All the details, including exact pickup location and information on the car picking you up, will then be displayed.


Don't have a smartphone? Call NRT  OnDemand live support at +1(289) 302-2172 to book a ride over the phone. Please be prepared to provide the phone number tied to your account, your pick up address, and your drop off address.

What are the points of interest in the app?

There are pre-populated points of interest in the NRT OnDemand app. Select them to navigate quickly to the locations that interest you!

West Niagara


Niagara on the Lake


Where do I wait for my ride?

After you book a ride, the app will display the pickup location where the vehicle will meet you. NRT OnDemand is a door-to-door service in West Niagara, so we’ll pick you up and drop you off where you place your pickup and dropoff location.

In Niagara on the Lake, NRT OnDemand is a corner-to-corner service. After you book a ride, the app will display the pickup location where the vehicle will meet you -  we’ll pick you up and drop you off at a nearby corner!

Make sure you’re at the pickup spot when the vehicle arrives! The app will count down the minutes to your vehicle’s arrival, and we’ll send you a text when the vehicle is two minutes away and again when it arrives. For assistance, you can reply to that text or call our Live Support team at  +1(289) 302-2172  - we can always help! Additionally, you can contact the Driver Partner at any time directly through the app by pressing the small blue phone icon located on the right, at the bottom of the screen. Your phone number will always be masked before you are connected with the driver. 

Remember: NRT OnDemand is a community, and you’re sharing your ride with other members. Keeping them waiting results in delays for the whole community, and if you’re more than 4 minutes late, the vehicle will have to leave. It’s the only way we can move everyone so quickly at such an incredible price.

Want to track your vehicle while you wait? In the app, zoom out from your pickup spot or click the small compass icon in the bottom right, and you’ll be able to follow the vehicle on the map as it approaches.

How do I know when my vehicle will arrive?

After you set your Pickup and Dropoff in the app, we'll give you an estimated time until your vehicle arrives. When your car is 2 minutes away, we'll send you a text message to let you know that your ride is getting close. When your ride arrives, we'll send you another text to let you know!

How much does a ride cost?

A ride costs $3 if you are making a local trip that does not cross a municipal boundary. If you are making a regional trip that crosses municipal boundaries, that trip is going to be $6.

We have discounted rates for eligible senior and student riders, you will need a promo code to unlock these rates. Please contact Niagara Region Transit to get this promo code from them.

Local: 905-980-6000 ext. 3550

Toll-free: 1-800-263-7215 ext. 3550

Can I bring my friends and family with me in a NRT OnDemand vehicle?

Yes! Vehicles can accommodate up to 3 passengers at a time. To add an additional person(s) to your ride, simply press the + and - signs using your pick up pin.

What do NRT OnDemand vehicles look like?

The best way to identify your vehicle is by checking the license plate number displayed in your app and in the text messages you receive from us. Additionally, our vehicles have the and Via logos and the Niagara Region Transit logo on them, so you can easily spot them when they pull up. Just check to make sure the license plate number matches and you're all set to board! The vehicles will be black vans with a connecting dots diagram in the back.

How do I know which car is mine?

When you book your vehicle, we'll list the information about the car coming to pick you up directly in the ride screen. This will include the license plate number as well as the make and model of car.

When the vehicle is approaching, we'll send you a quick reminder text with this information (as well as the pickup spot). Once the vehicle has arrived, you'll receive another text and a "Your van is here" notice in your app.

I don't have a smartphone. Can I still create an account?

Yes, you can create an account over the phone. Please call our live support number at +1(289) 302-2172 and an agent will assist you.

How do I cancel a ride?

After a ride has been booked, you can cancel it by selecting the "Cancel Ride" option, at the bottom of your phone screen.

Please note that sometimes the "Cancel Ride" button will be hidden on the screen in order to give you more space to view the map. You can find the button again by pressing the grey line on the bottom of your screen just above the vehicle license plate number and description.

Our policy is that for any rides canceled more than 2 minutes after booking, NRT OnDemand reserves the right to charge a $1.50 cancellation fee. As soon as a request enters the system, the car assigned is rerouted to accommodate the pickup, so a cancellation can end up adding a slight detour to not just the driver but also the existing passengers in the vehicle. However, if a cancellation occurs because the current ETA is more than 5 minutes greater than the original ETA that was quoted at the time of booking, the system will automatically waive the cancellation fee as we understand that in these situations our members need to be able to make the most informed decision about their ride. We are also happy to waive the cancellation fee in the event of an emergency or unforeseen situation.

I am a wheelchair passenger. Do you have vehicles that can accommodate me?

You can toggle on the "Wheelchair Accessible" option in your account profile. If you don't have a smartphone and require assistance with creating your account, you can let our Live Support team know you need a wheelchair accessible vehicle at that time. You will then be matched with a wheelchair accessible vehicle for your ride.

How do I use my ride credit? 

You can always select the “Ride Credit” menu option to see how much value you still have in your account or you can ask one of our Live Support Agents when booking.


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