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What is RIDE?

RIDE powered by Via is an on-demand, dynamically routed, mobile-app powered shuttle service in partnership with the City of Wilson. The service is open to all Wilsonians and replaces a previously existing fixed line bus. Riders can request pickups and dropoffs to and from any locations within the service area. Using the Via app for iPhone or Android, you can select your pick up and drop off, and we’ll do the rest. You can also call 252-595-5357 and a member of our team can book a ride on your behalf.

When and where does RIDE operate?

RIDE operates 7am-6pm Monday through Saturday.

The service zone is illustrated in the map below:


Who is driving my RIDE?

You are our most precious cargo, and we take safety very seriously. When you book a RIDE, we connect you with a vehicle operated by a trained and experienced driver who is covered by the required insurance. All Driver Partners undergo thorough background checks before driving on the Via platform.

But the necessary insurance and licensing are no-brainers. We expect more! We want all RIDE drivers to be downright amazing, so don’t forget to leave feedback for your driver after each RIDE – you’ll help us make sure only the best drivers get to drive for RIDE.

What platform(s) is the app available on?

Download the Via app to access the service. The Via app is available for both iPhone and Android. It’s free to download, so get riding today!

How many people will I share with?

The number of passengers you will share a RIDE with varies depending on who’s headed in the same direction at the same time and the make and model of the vehicle picking you up! At the time of launch and until otherwise communicated, vehicles and bookings will be limited to a capacity of 4 riders so that no one is sitting up front in the driver cabin.


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