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How can I check how far away my driver is?

If you don’t have the Via app and you book your vehicle over the phone, the booking agent will let you know your driver’s ETA once the ride is confirmed. If you can’t find your driver or want an updated ETA, give us a call and we can help you get in touch with them. 

If you have the Via app, once you’ve requested your ride, you’ll see an image of your vehicle and its current location in the app. The app will also let you know an estimate of how far away the car is from your pickup. You can always go back into the app to see an updated ETA.

I put in the wrong destination, is it possible for me to change it while on my ride?

Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to change your destination when you’re already on a ride. If you need to change your destination, your driver will have to end your ride and you will have to go back into the app or call us on our booking line to book another ride to the correct destination.

By following the routing, drivers ensure the quality of every passenger’s service.

How do I know which vehicle to look for?

In Jersey City, all vehicles in our service are Mercedes Metris vans or Electric Kia Niros – they all have signage that says Jersey City On-Demand. When you book a ride, whether over the phone or in the Via app, you’ll be notified of your driver’s license plate number.

How do I get in contact with my driver if I can’t find them?

Once your driver is nearby, you’ll see a phone icon on your app screen with the Driver Partner's name. You can tap on the icon and our app will connect you with your driver to help you find them.

What should I do if my car was in an accident?

Call 911 immediately to report the accident.

I left something in my car, how can I get it back?

We’ve all been there, and we feel for ya! As soon as you realize an item is missing, contact us at (201)514-6228 and we can help you get in touch with your driver to retrieve it.

How many additional riders can be in my party?

You can request a ride for up to 4 additional riders in your vehicle with you. Each additional rider costs $2.

How much do rides cost?

Individual rides between the Outer Zone and the Central Zone (downtown Jersey City/Journal Square) are $2. Rides within the Outer zone are $2 +50 cents per mile.


How do I pay for my rides?

You will need a credit or debit card linked to your account, which can be added in your app or added to your account over the phone (201)514-6228

    • If you choose to link your credit or debit card in the app, when you create your account you’ll be prompted to input your card number and information. 
    • You can also update your card by going into the left hand menu in your app and tapping on ‘Payment Methods.’ 
    • Once you’re in ‘Payment Methods’ you can either click on an existing card to update your information or tap on ‘+ Add a new payment method’  to add a new card associated with your account.

What is a ViaPass?

The ViaPass is especially designed for our most loyal commuters and makes Via more affordable than ever. To purchase a ViaPass, just open your app Menu and head to the section labeled ViaPass.

ViaPass Pricing

Unlimited Monthly Pass - A discounted monthly pass (up to 4 rides per day) offered to all riders heading anywhere in the zone (downtown only trips still excluded) $150 

Commuter Monthly Pass - A discounted monthly pass (up to 4 rides per day) offered to all riders heading to or from the downtown/Journal Square area $85


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