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I can’t login to my Via Jersey City app. What do I do?

If you’re having trouble logging into your Via Jersey City app: 

    • First, try restarting your app by exiting the app and logging back in.
    • Second, try updating your app by deleting the app and reinstalling it. 

Still not working? Contact us at (201)514-6228 and we can help!

I forgot my password, how can I retrieve it?

Don’t worry! Resetting your password is easy. 

    • Tap the ‘Forgot your password?’ link in your login screen in the app.
    • Follow the directions to provide your phone number.
    • Lookout for a text with instructions to reset your password.

Why did I get charged a No Show fee?

A No Show fee is charged when you were 2 or more minutes late to your pickup, as this delays your driver from picking up and dropping off other passengers along the way. The No Show fee in Jersey City is $1.50.

Why did I get charged a Cancelation fee?

A Cancelation fee is charged when you canceled your ride after booking, as your driver was already on their way to you and this affected the routing of other riders. The Cancelation fee in Jersey City is $1.50.

How can I setup or change my payment method?

Setting up your payment method is easy. 

  • For phone bookings, you can call us at (201)514-6228 to set up your account and include a payment method.
  • For app bookings, once you create an account you will be prompted for your payment method. You can use either debit or credit card to pay for service.

If you want to change your payment method:

  • Go to your Settings and click Payment Methods. 
  • Click on ‘+ Add a new payment method’ to add one, or
  • Click on your previous payment method to edit your card.

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