How do I pay for a ride?

The best way to pay for Via (and the only way to ride for the pre-paid rate!) is to buy Ride Credit or a ViaPass in the app. Before you ride, head to the app "Menu" and "Ride Credit," and select how much you'd like to buy. Each time you take a ride, we'll simply deduct the cost of your ride from your remaining credit. If you have less credit remaining than a full ride fare, we'll deduct any remaining credit and charge the rest of the fare directly to your card on file. You can also enable our auto-refill feature and ensure you never pay more than the pre-paid rate per ride again! Simply move the toggle at the bottom of the "Ride Credit" page in the app to the ON position. This will authorize a $25 credit purchase each time your balance falls below $10.

You can also purchase an unlimited weekly or monthly ViaPass under "Menu" - "ViaPass" in the app.

We do not accept cash payment, PayPal, or pre-paid debit cards. New York State sales tax applies.

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